Our Mission

Coresential’s primary mission is to offer leading manufacturers a professional, aggressive sales and marketing representative in the state of Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and the Caribbean. Our current and continued success is based on the following:

  • Business ethics grounded with fundamental honesty and integrity
  • Dedication to a professional work ethic
  • Value-added service

About Us

Established in 1987, Coresential represents industry-leading product lines for the electrical, lighting and control markets. Coresential has grown through natural expansion, acquisitions and mergers into the respected company it is today.

Coresential’s success and scale is attributed to market share pursuit, acquisition, merger and adding additional geography. Coresential proudly represents the best brands in the industry in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas, and we are committed to seek partnerships and opportunities to ensure Coresential’s continued success.

With more than 60 marketing professionals and support personnel, we serve clients through our 55,000 sq. ft. warehouse and sales center in Tampa Florida, and two offices in North Carolina. Innovative sales solutions such as a mobile display center allows Coresential to take its ideas and products directly to the customer for preview and demonstration. Coresential’s well-trained internal and external sales professionals are recognized for providing consistent quality and knowledgeable service which is the reason it can boast a high percentage of long-term relationships both with the manufacturers and the customers they serve.


Company Evolution
Electrical Marketing Services established
Company established as Gunn-Creel & Associates, Inc.
Gunn-Creel & Associates, Inc. merged with Tel Com Sales, Inc. and Associated Marketing Partners, Inc. to form GCA
GCA acquired Griffin Sales
Carolina Controls Group (CCG) established
GCA merged with EMS (GCA/EMS). Concurrently the lighting division was founded by Robin Conway.
GCA/EMS increases representation to include the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Puerto Rico
GCA/EMS rebrands to Coresential
John Gunn retired. Succession plan implemented
Coresential increases representation to include North Carolina and South Carolina
Coresential & Carolina Controls Group merge, adding MS, TN, AL, GA to their footprint
Controls Division expanded to include FL

Coresential has enjoyed growth attributed to acquisition, merger, and adding additional geography.